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Main Street Investors is leading the way by providing breakthrough education, tools, and coaching that helps families transform their financial futures.


Working together, Matson Money and Main Street Investors help investors learn how investing works, discover their true purpose for money, and be disciplined and prudent over a lifetime of investing.

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– To love and empower people

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– Lives transformed through the power of truth

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– To build a community that educates and empowers people in the science of money and investing

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– Love , Integrity, Honesty, Kindness


Main Street Investors

We're standing for your
American Dream

The American Dream Experience is a powerful group workshop that invites investors to consider potentially life altering truths about the empirical and behavioral dimensions of wealth creation. Whether you’re a longstanding investor or complete financial novice, you can discover things about financial markets, and about yourself, that can empower you to make sound decisions about your financial future.

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